Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is Maddie Rae's first word (excluding the "Mama!" she screamed when she came out of surgery). She loves this Nala stuffed animal that she got from her shower. When she lays down to sleep, she has to have her "bear bear" from the Gregorys, her Nala, and her blankie. She sees Nala and starts giggling and getting all excited. Yesterday, Nala even got pushed around the plaza in a stroller (with a purse slung over her arm, I might add...a proud moment for this handbag loving mama!). I am so encouraged that she is starting to try to imitate sounds. Jonah's first words were all dog words. Since our dog is currently residing with Mammy and Grandude, it is fitting that "Nala" would be her first word!


Michelle said...

See, the girly girl is emerging already! : ) And oh, my goodness...Sophie has a "bear bear" too! I always chuckle that she made her bear 2 words and now I see Maddie Rae has done the same thing. Cute!