Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Monday, February 25, 2008


I couldn't deny it any longer: Maddie Rae was growing a sweet mullet. Standing strong on my words of the past that I would never ever let any child of mine have a baby mullet, I got out the shears tonight during her bath and snipped away so that she is now sporting a cute little bob. I tucked the hair away in an envelope labelled "Maddie Rae's first haircut", and although that may not be completely accurate, I think it's close enough. It's her first haircut by me, and although she has had a head shave at the orphanage, I don't think that counts in the "cut" category.

Another milestone that deserves note is that she now has to duck her head to walk under the dining room table. When we first brought her home 4 months ago, she could walk clear under the table with plenty of clearance and not a worry in sight. Not anymore. I'd say that represents at least a one inch growth spurt and probably a few future head bangs.

And our final first: all three kids are sick together for the first time. This is what happens when you keep three kids who are hacking, sneezing, feverish, and generally miserable locked up in a small flat for 5 solid days:

Cabin fever!


Michelle said...

Wow...Maddie Rae's hair really seems to be growing in a lot!! Sophie's is still pretty slow going or should I say slow growing. : )

Hers has a funky way of growing in the front. She has a small section in the middle that grows fast while the front sides are slow. So she has a pointy thing in the middle of her forehead. I can't bring myself to cut anything, I just pull it back in a clip.

About your previous post...your house looks just like ours!

Hope the 3 sweeties feel better soon!!!

Raegan said...

Maddie Rae looks like such a big girl with her new do!! It looks a lot thicker too with it all one length. Hope you all feel better, although judging from the final picture it looks like everyone is mending just fine! HA!