Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

We spent the past weekend at Jon's parent's new lake house. They moved there while we were in HK, so this was our first time at the house. Maddie Rae met her Aunt Becca, Uncle Bobby, and cousins JD and Clara for the first time. Aunt Bec is so in love with her new niece, and I'm pretty sure Maddie Rae was very happy with all the attention too! A little swimming in the lake helped us cool off.

Nana and Pappaw with 4 of their grandkids. Maddie Rae was still asleep.
This is Maddie Rae's buddy. She loves her Pappaw.
They have 2 kayaks that we paddle around in, and this summer Jack was finally old enough to go in one all by himself.
Jonah and Pappaw took a few "speed boat" rides. It's really just a fishing boat, but Jonah thinks it goes really fast. The kids also fished, had water fights, made millions of crafts, had s'mores at an evening bonfire, and had soccer and wiffle ball games. Jack couldn't hold in his joy...he kept just saying, "I LOVE it here!" Everyone should have parents/grandparents who live at the lake!


Michelle said...

How fun! And yes, I sure wish we had parents/grandparents with a lake house! : )

Look at all of that hair Maddie Rae is growing....woo hoo! Bows and pigtails galore!