Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Our five year old never ceases to crack us up. I have to write these down, mainly for my own brain because if I don't...well, you know what happens. Gone.

Looking at a book...
"Mom, that animal is a male."
"How do you know that Jonah?"
"Because he has horns, and male animals have horns. Wait...why doesn't Charles (our guinea pig) have horns?"
"Not all animals have horns. Jonah, what am I? Am I male or female?"
"You're female."
"Right. What are you? Male or female?"
"No, you're male. Male means boy."
[with indignation in his voice] "What?! Then where are my horns?!?!"

To Uncle Marky at Christmas...
"My favorite 3D shape is a rectangular prism."
"Wow, Jonah. What's your favorite flat shape?"
"I think mine is diamond. I like diamonds."
"Oh, Marky...some people call those rhombuses."

Discussing Martin Luther King at dinner...
"Mom! It's so cool because Maddie Rae is the first African American in our family!"

Apparently this one has been going around at school too. His teacher asked me the other day if I knew that Jonah was telling everyone that his sister was African-American. When I try to tell him that no, she's Chinese-American, he is insistent that NO. She is also African-American. After all, she has brown skin. Alrighty then.

And one for Jack from tonight when we were watching "Swiss Family Robinson" at the scene where all the boys are swinging from vines and the mom is sitting in her Sunday best under her parasol relaxing in the sun...
"I would NOT want to be that mother."
"Why not?"
"Because I wouldn't want to just sit around under an umbrella. I don't like to relax."

And for any of you who know Jack, you will give a hearty Amen to that one.