Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Sentiments...sort of

This past week found most of my family, most of my sister's family, my dad, and my other sister (who picked a very bad weekend to visit) all laid out flat by the dreaded stomach flu. When I was sick last week, Jack very sweetly made me a card to help me feel better. He is very thoughtful and always very good to take care of his momma. This is the front:

This is the inside. I happened to walk by the card tonight, which has been laying on the dining room table all week, and saw that Jonah had written in his thoughts:Translation:
Jack: Your the BEST Mommy in the world
Jonah: No your not. Jesus's mother is.
I'm trumped by Mary, and we're not even Catholic.


Reed's mom said...

so sorry you all have been so sick. hope you're on the mend now. ok that is hilarious! the way their little minds operate is just too funny sometimes isn't it!

Carol said...

Ellen and I are LOL over that one!!!!

Ellen said...

That is so funny.

Well, of course she is! That's why there's a "Hail Mary" prayer and not a "Hail Retta" prayer.