Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Friday, November 30, 2007

Boys and Girl

Wrestling is Jack and Jonah's favorite activity together. If you give them even a moment's freetime, it inevitably always ends up right back here. Give them another moment, and someone has lost a tooth, gotten kicked in the stomach, or been punched in the face. They assure me that this is "fun", and Jon says "they're boys...they need to wrestle." I get it...sort of.

Now the tea party...I get it! I'm still working on getting Maddie Rae into handbags and dolls. I'm hoping when her cousin, Mallaney, visits, she will give her some good lessons in how to play with dolls. Of course, she still likes to push cars around and tackle pillows. I need to teach her how to tackle her brothers if she's going to survive around here!


Michelle said...

I bet Maddie Rae will very quickly pick up the girly girl play and at the same time learn how to be keep up with her brothers! Enjoy the tea parties, Mom!!