Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Freezing in Hong Kong

It's not often that you get to say, "I'm freezing!" in Hong Kong, but it seems like those two words have been coming out of our mouths a lot this week. There are some major storms moving through China causing ice, snow, power outages, and people stranded all over 8 provinces. Thus the cold snap in Hong Kong. We don't have snow or ice, but I could see my breath this morning. When you don't have heat in any of the buildings, that makes for afternoons huddled in front of our little electric fan heater and snuggled under blankets. I carted home all of my sweaters last summer after thinking I must have been the dumbest person to ever move to a tropical place and bring my wool sweaters. Oh, how I wish for those warm fuzzies now!

Jonah has been really sick this week and has barely gotten off of the couch for 5 days now. He seemed even sicker today and was fighting a high fever, so I carted him over to the doctor. He is now on antibiotics and a host of other drugs, so hopefully he will be feeling well enough for his Chinese New Year party and Dragon Dance on Friday. All the decorations are up for next week, and the New Year buzz is in the air. Jack is counting down the days until no school, Maddie Rae is anxiously awaiting her Chinese New Year tutu outfit, and Jonah is just hoping to be able to lift his head off the couch!