Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Saturday, January 12, 2008

"I go to China to the playground"

Last night, the most highly anticipated event of 2008 so far occurred: my sister, Raegan, and niece, Mallaney, arrived in Hong Kong (and ready for the playground). They arrived in one piece, although quite battered and worn due to no sleep for the entire 15 hour flight. Maddie Rae didn't quite know what to think of this new little girl invading the toys and was quite "fragile" and edgy for the first night and morning. In fact, she decided a few times that she was going to save the toy by pushing Mallaney away. Maddie Rae, who only comes up to Mallaney's shoulder blades, apparently thinks she's bigger than she is! After both little girls had naps today, they woke up much happier with each other, and Maddie Rae was offering toys to Mallaney. Mallaney is enamored with big cousin Jack. She keeps asking him to play with her and to "Hold you, Jack" (translation: "Hold me, Jack"). She thinks Jonah is pretty funny and laughs at all his crazy antics, and when she got on the bus to come to our house last night she declared, "OH! This is beautiful!"

The kids all opened their Christmas presents last night, and Maddie Rae got a Barbie primping kit complete with make-up, hair brush, and blow-dryer. Tonight she pulled the fake nail polish out and started "painting" her toenails. I have never painted my nails in front of her, so this must be something she learned in the orphanage. Michelle, do you think those ayis had time to be painting their nails? If so, I need their secret!

Photos of all the cousin fun coming soon...


Michelle said...

LOL! I highly doubt it. Unless...they had lots of spare time due to the fact that they did not have to spend anytime doing the kids hair- or lack thereof. : ) I'll tell you, girls really seem to be born just knowing how to do girly girl things!
So nice that Raegan and your niece are visiting. Where are the pictures? I am dying to see one of Maddie Rae and her cousin together.