Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Monday, March 17, 2008

Maddie Rae Madness

Our friend and resident photographer extraordinaire, Lorne, was armed with his camera and super strength lens at church yesterday. He took a bunch of great pictures of Maddie Rae and I had to post them all because I can't ever get pictures of this little moving target that are this good! She's wearing Mallaney's adorable bunny rabbit dress in anticipation of the big day next Sunday, and her bow was lovingly and craftily made by my good friend, Marte.

This is my partner in crime, Carol. Maddie Rae loves her Auntie Carol and her girls, Ellen and Zoe (and they love her!). There was a new family at church yesterday with a little girl the same age as Maddie Rae. The mom looked at Maddie Rae and said, "Oh, I wish our daughter could have that much thick hair!" I had to laugh. I guess the orphanage shave is almost a memory.


Raegan said...

Those pics are so cute! Mallaney never got to wear that dress anywhere close to Easter! Maddie Rae's scar is looking really good...fading a lot since I saw her just a few months ago! Give the little bunny a squeeze for me!