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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out of the mouth of Jonah

It's really annoying to have a broken camera. I have to resort to posting things like graphs and charts. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon (whenever we can bring ourselves to fork over the money for a new lens), and I will be back to posting pictures of the chillins. Until then, I will entertain you with a few quotes from our middle child, Jonah.

Jonah is really funny, but if we tell him that he gets really angry. He thinks being told he's funny or being laughed at is an insult. I guess there's no stand up routine in his future, but I do want to write a few down just for my own future benefit.

On "Healthy Eating Week" at school:

"Mom! I'm hungry. I need some junk."

J: "Mom? Can I have a Cadbury Cream Egg?" (note: 8am at time of asking)
M: "Jonah, don't you remember it's Healthy Eating Week?"
J: (shoulders slumped, dejected look across his face) "Awwwww. I'll eat something healthy after my cream egg."

M: "Jonah, do you want some of these sweet grapes for dessert?"
J: (clearly VERY confused) "What? Grapes? GRAPES?! Grapes aren't junk, they're fru-it."

To his big brother this afternoon:

"Wow, Jack. Why are you being so nice to me today?" (That gives you some insight into how rarely that one occurs!!!)


Raegan said...

What a character! Give him a squeeze and a smooch for me!