Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

This past weekend was really fun. We started out our weekend with a nice night out on Friday night at the Intercontinental with Brad and Carol. It's the rainy season in Southern China right now. Typhoons are all around and we get constant rain and thunderstorms. It made for some gothic looking pictures of the harbor on Friday night. It was Brad and Carol's 21st wedding anniversary. I could have been her flower girl. Hehehe.
Carol and I putting our hands in Jackie Chan's handprints. The Avenue of the Stars is right outside the restaurant.
Love this picture...think I will frame it. Thumbs up on the photography, Jon.
Saturday was jam packed. It started for Jon at 7:15 am when his friend, Greg, met him at our door and wisked him off to "Sport's Day." Greg and Lorne, 2 of our good friends, organized a going away sport's day for Jon. They played cricket, basketball, squash, ping-pong, tennis, golf, American football, soccer, beach volleyball, and bowling. He didn't get home until 10:30 pm, and he loved every second of it! My good friend, Nadine, took Carol and I to afternoon tea at the Conrad. The cream and scones were deeeelish. Sunday was our typical go to church, go to lunch, and play beach volleyball all afternoon. Ah, we will miss those HK Sundays spent on the beach right outside our flat!


Raegan said...

Sounds really fun! By the way...I love the dress you are wearing in the pictures from dinner with Brad and Carol. Maybe I can borrow it since you will soon be living about 5 minutes from me!!!! (Of course, this borrowing will only occur once my belly has gone back to some form of normal!)
How are the boys handling the upcoming move and saying goodbye to school and friends?