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Monday, June 9, 2008

Porcelain Sale

I shared about 6 weeks ago about our upcoming porcelain sale, but I never did follow up on how it went. Overjoy Porcelain donated 80 boxes of beautiful hand painted porcelain to our church so that we could have a sale and donate all the proceeds to orphanages in China. Above are all the boxes as they arrived to the church.
We spent almost an entire morning and afternoon unpacking and arranging the porcelain the day before the sale.
Our Mom2Mom group put the sale on. Above is our group which has members from Singapore, Canada, England, Dubai, USA, South Africa, and Sweden. We're quite the multicultural bunch around here, and I will really miss that aspect of HK life when we move home.

We ended up raising over $6000 USD! With the money we were able to buy many appliances and toys for Zoe's orphanage in Huazhou (see photos here) AND we are sponsoring 2 babies upcoming cleft lip surgeries at the Anhui Cleft Healing Home AND we are sponsoring the renovations on a baby room at the Cleft Healing Home AND we still have about $1500 left to hopefully go back to Huazhou in the fall and build a playroom.


mel said...

Retta~That is fantastic! I was just telling Aaron about the porcelain you acquired as we were walking through China Town in Yokohama last weekend. It will be nice to cap off the story with the awesome final sale results.