Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm not normally a fan of wallpaper. It sort of takes me back to the 80's and little ducks and geese running around in light blue and mauve. However, as I'm perusing my decorating blogs and mags, I'm seeing a resurgence of wallpaper and I'm finding myself attracted to it. I'm particularly in love with this Jonathan Adler print above. These photos are from Turquoise, and I love the silver foil (and the turquoise birdcage light fixture). How great would this look in my upstairs landing next to that vintage bathroom tile (much better than that hideous yellow for sure!!)?

And speaking of turquoise...I purchased some fabric in this color for one of my rattan chairs that I'm going to reupholster. I'm thinking a french door painted in this color might look really yummy at the bottom of the stairway with this fabulous wallpaper. Ah...4 more weeks.


Jonathan said...


Retta said...

you don't get an opinion.

Sarah-Jane said...

I like that dialogue there

Sarah-Jane said...

it was so fun to read through your blog. I hadn't read it in so long.
I'm so glad that Maddie is doing so well and that she is sucking.
I'm going to die of jealousy when you get home with all your stuff.
I almost died of jealousy when I went over to Ilona's house last week.
Gorgeous furniture.
loving your style girl.