Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Friday, May 9, 2008

Turning the Corner

Happy Birthday to me...Here's my new mouth! (The gumline will be repaired with a bone graft when she is about 10)

Maddie Rae finally gave in yesterday and ate a jar of baby food and some jello. She also drank a cup of PediaSure, and today she has even had a mango banana smoothie. Hopefully we're turning a corner on the eating. Her mouth is still really sore and she is nervous about the spoon. She is doing remarkably well: playing, happy, and sleeping well. Yesterday was her birthday, and although it was very anticlimactic all things considered, she did get a few new toys. I guess we could have pureed some cake, but something gets lost in that translation! Thanks for all your continued prayers for her recovery.


Michelle said...

I am so happy that Maddie Rae is doing so well!!!! Bless her little heart! I am sure you are so relieved that the surgery is all over with. yay! I am glad it was easier for her/you than the previous one,

Have a wonderful Mommy's Day, Retta!!!

Michelle said...

Just checking in to see how Maddie Rae is doing. Hope the healing is going well.

Happy belated Mommy's Day to you!!

p.s....I tagged you on our's pretty simple. : )

Michelle said...

LOL! I just saw that I already wished you Happy Mother's Day. Oh, well...I could wish you one more time and then you would have a wish for each child.

Raegan said...

That's the best looking mouth I have ever seen!!!!! Can't wait to give her squeezes soon!!!