Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Maddie Rae's surgery to repair her cleft palate and put tubes in her ears was on Monday morning here in Hong Kong. The surgery went really well and the repair looks "great" according to Dr. Lam. She did amazingly well, and the difference in her from her last surgery (which was only one week after we were home with her) to this surgery was remarkable. She was much calmer, much less fearful, and she snuggled in and accepted comfort from both Jon and I. Nala, her favorite little lion, stayed with her the whole time (even through surgery!), and she was very careful to take care of Nala by rubbing her mouth, snuggling her, and giving her kisses. Monday she basically slept all day long. She perked up Monday evening a bit, and then she slept well that night. Tuesday morning she started drinking water and milk, and then at about 9 am she saw some yogurt and couldn't get it in her stomach fast enough. By Tuesday afternoon, she was walking around outside, acting silly, talking, and doing great. Dr. Lam came to see her Tuesday evening and said she could go home. We got home late last night, and aside from waking up once, she slept great until 11 am this morning. She did spike a fever last night right before we left the hospital, but Dr. Lam said that was probably due to the fact that she is aspirating some saliva when she swallows since all the muscles and tissues have been rearranged. The bad news is that she can only have liquids and can't have her bottle. She was NOT happy about not having her bottle last night at bedtime, and I have a feeling tonight will be ugly. She has also refused to eat today because she doesn't want to eat pureed bananas, chocolate pudding, chocolate milkshakes, yogurt, jello, sweet potato, or anything else I try to bribe her into eating. All she's had the entire day is apple juice. So we're praying that she will eat tomorrow.

A BIG HUGE thank you to my dear friend, Carol, who left her house yesterday morning at 7:30 am and didn't return until 11:00 pm. She stayed with us at the hospital all day long so that Jon could run into work and be home with the boys. We love you, Carol!!!

And on a final note....Both times I have been at the hospital in Hong Kong, there have been some special people there. Last time it was a woman from England; this time it was a woman from Tennessee. These women volunteer 5 weeks of their lives to come over to China and take babies who are in orphanages to Hong Kong for surgery and medical care. The doctors in Hong Kong volunteer all of their services, and these special women live in the hospital with the children and take care of them. Anyone who has ever been in a hospital knows how quickly the walls close in on you, you lose track of days, and you can't get an hour in a row of decent sleep. It's uncomfortable, boring, and hard work. These women absolutely amaze me at their selfless acts of love for these sweet babies who don't have a mama to stay with them.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers. I'm off to do the bottle-less bedtime and to pray that our little peanut gets hungry enough to think pureed food is yummy!


jenny said...

I hadn't checked your blog in a couple of glad that everything went well with the surgery. She's endured a lot for a little girl. We will be praying for her recovery. Looking forward to your homecoming this summer. :)

Raegan said...

So glad you are home and doing fairly well! What a trooper! I am not surprised that she won't eat the bananas or the sweet potato, but refusing a chocolate milkshake may be cause for concern!!! :) I am praying for a healthy appetite for even nasty food! Love you and see you soon!