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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shopper's Paradise

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. Bitter because it was the last time that I will partake in my own little personal shopping paradise that is LoWu Commercial Center in Shenzhen, China. Sweet because of the DEALS I got.
These are our "trunks", as Carol and I lovingly refer to them. These little trollies carry everything we buy in the city. They are a must have for urban living.This is the front of the fabric market. You first go get your tailor, and then you go to the market to pick out all your fabric. As far as the eye can see there is every kind of silk, suede, cotton, corduroy, chiffon, linen, and more.
I'm very excited in this photo because here I am picking out all the fabric for all my "new" house. I came armed with all my measurements and vision, and I left with custom made curtains to my exact specifications, roman blinds, duvet covers, pillows, shams, and extra fabric to reupholster a couch and chair. I didn't pay over $3 USD per yard for any of the fabric, and the curtains cost about $10 each. My king size duvet cover was a splurge at about $7 per yard and $20 for the custom sewing. Unbelievable!!!!!! Jon asked if I had buyer's remorse, and I realized I had non buying remorse. I wish I could have/would have bought MORE!!!!
These are the tailors. They are measuring one of Carol's Talbot jackets that she brought with her. She had silk blouses and linen jackets tailor made and didn't pay over about $15 total for any of them!!!!!!!!! I will never be able to shop in the mall or Target without longing for LoWu ever again. Eliminate about 10 middle men, and you eliminate about 80% of the cost. LoWu...I will miss you!


Raegan said...

WOW-I forgot just how great that place is! What deals!!! Talk about a shopping high! :) I can't wait to see it all in you house in the good ol' USA in T-minus 5 weeks!!!!!!!!