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Thursday, May 15, 2008


My friend, Michelle, over at Day by Day tagged me. I have to tell you three things about myself. Hmmm....let's see....

1. I never drank coffee until our first year in Hong Kong. Now I can't live without it, and I can be seen every morning until about 10 am with my Rubbermaid Travel Mug (best travel mug ever) full of a nice cup o brew with CoffeeMate flavored creamer. Every summer I bring almost one suitcase back to HK of CoffeeMate, and I have exactly 4 bottles left for the next 6 weeks. Nice planning, eh?

2. I love to shop. I got the shopping gene from my Grandma because my mom hates to shop and will only buy something if she "needs" it. My latest purchases have been furniture to put on our container back to the US and hand painted porcelain lamps for our "new" house. I'm going to Shenzhen, China next week to have curtains and duvets made for the house. I can't wait to set foot in Target in 6 weeks.

3. I miss blue. The pollution is terrible here, and I miss blue skies. This is why I am going to paint nearly every room in my house blue when we move home. Speaking of painting, I also love to decorate and if I had my dream job, I think I would be an interior designer. I'm currently obsessing about how to decorate my blank slate of a house and I'm in love with chocolate brown and white and of course, blue.

Now the fun part...I get to tag back.
Carol and Mel, you're tagged!


Michelle said...

Oh, I am more like your Mom....hate to shop and if I have to -I am in and out in a flash! Now, my Mom could spend the entire day in a very small mall!

I can understand missing the blue skies! I missed them for our short trips to I am sure you are really missing them!

Glad to get to know ya better! : )