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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We have been home for 2 weeks tomorrow. It has been a whirlwind, and my sister suggested that I give a play by play of all our drama on the blog. Let me set the scene for you: we are staying in a relocation apartment absent of toys and safe furniture. We took all the glass furniture out and are now eating on a card table. That being said, we are very thankful to have a place to stay because if we had to move into our house right now, it would be ugly.

My house. My beautiful, charming, longed for house. It is still all those things, but it is in a state of major renovation right now. Unfortunately, it's not the fun kind of renovation such as a brand new kitchen or bathroom. It all started with a thorough "deep" clean that took 2 professionals 16 hours. I then called in a contractor to fix the cracked ceilings, water damage, and clogged gutters that we thought were causing the water damage. Unfortunately, when he went up to fix the gutters, he noted that they were perfectly fine. Uh oh. He started to investigate and it went from bad to worse. First it was a hole in the roof above the water damage, then it was water damage throughout the house, then it was "you need a new roof." Then the electric guy showed up at the same time to tell me that our wires weren't up to code. And at the same time, a moving van showed up with our stuff that's been in storage for 3 years. As it stands now, there are new shingles in the driveway ready to go on the roof. The electric wires will be fixed at the time of roofing. The ceilings are all getting re-skimmed, sanded, and painted. The sunroom is being redrywalled. The water damage is repaired. And every single square inch of the entire house, ceilings and all, are getting painted starting Monday. I think then it will be inhabitable and we can save our money for gutting the kitchen! I will post before and after photos when our computer arrives.

Amidst all of this we have managed to also buy 2 cars, get Jonah's stitches out, set up meetings for Maddie Rae's speech therapy, visit with friends, make doctor's appointments, pick out paint colors, get car insurance, feed the kids, and go to Walmart twice! There's no place like home.


Michelle said...

awww...Retta! Nothing is easy, right?! My goodness...what chaos you have had. I wish your move back home had been much smoother!

How is Jonah doing???I hope he is alright!

Sending some hugs your way, my friend!!!

Raegan said...

...and don't forget Target!!!! I really enjoyed shopping with you today!! I forgot how fun it is to run errands with someone older that 3. Let's make it a habit!

jenny said...

Sounds like you have been busy! What a mess with Jonah! My boys have both had stitches and I don't envy you. Rowan had to have 22 stitches over a year ago in his mouth (by a plastic surgeon). I am glad everyone is on the mend and that you are getting things accomplished so you can get back into your house.

Elkan Ho said...

Hi Retta,

I chanced upon your website link from Facebook, and here we are reading your blog and looking at your pictures!

Looks like a major overhaul is going on for your home! But know that it will look perfect when this is over! Sure looking forward to seeing pictures of your home soon!

Elkan's Daddy (Patrick)

Ps: We have added a link to your website!