Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love Without Boundaries $1 Challenge

I'm copying and pasting an email from Love Without Boundaries below. This is an interesting topic to me because I often wonder and get asked why Maddie Rae was abandonned by her birth family. Was it because of her cleft lip? Was it because she was a girl? Was it for medical reasons or superstitious reasons? I would like to believe it was because her birth family loved her enough to try to get her the medical attention she needed in the only way available to them. So that's why this LWB $1 challenge sounded good to me. If they can help even one family keep their child, my dollar is well spent!

Love Without Boundaries Foundation has set a goal to raise $5,000 by August 27.----------------Goal: $1 challenge to save a child's life!LWB is launching a $1 challenge to kick off our new Unity Fund for impoverished, rural families in China. So many times over the years, we have met families who have had to make the painful decision to abandon their child in the hopes of getting them the medical care they need. It has been a dream of ours for many years to begin such a fund, so that when we learn of families in true crisis, we can provide their children with the surgeries they need so that such a painful decision does not have to be made. We have met so many of these families in person, and they love their children completely, but they simply could never afford a $5000 heart surgery to save their child's life when their family is living on less than $50 per month. Our Unity Fund was created to keep these families united and to give a second chance of a healthy life to at-risk children living in poverty. Join with us on this dream, and actually help prevent children from being orphaned. We challenge everyone to send just ONE DOLLAR during this challenge period to LWB's Unity Fund. Is it possible to find 5000 people to donate $1? With your help, we believe it is. If we meet that goal, then together we can impact a child's life forever. Pass on this message to everyone you know! Pop just $1 in the mail to Love Without Boundaries and help change the world, one child at a time. Love Without Boundaries P.O. Box 25016 Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0016 or donate $1 online at or donate through Facebook by clicking "donate" and then choosing "other" and putting in $1. Together we can continue our work of bringing hope to those truly in need! ----------------To learn more about the goal or donate, follow the link below: