Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is one of Jack's vocabulary words, and it is a perfect description of my three boisterous children. Let me preface this post by fully admitting that I was spoiled in Hong Kong. We had a live in nanny/maid, and therefore I never had to take all three kids anywhere unless I wanted to. Well, obviously, we cannot afford that luxury back here in the good ole US of A, so I am back to the normal routine of hauling all three kids around everywhere. It hasn't been TOO bad until last Monday when I scheduled a doctor's appointment for the 2 boys at 2 and 2:30. First mistake: right at naptime. Second mistake: right after the boys have been sitting in school all day saving all their boisterous energy for good ole mom. So here we are in the exam room. Maddie Rae is on the brink of massive meltdown because she can't accompany Jack to the eye exam. Jonah is on the rolling stool pushing himself from end to end in the tiny room. Jack is talking non-stop to the doctor and telling her things like, "I sometimes wear my helmet when I ride my bike," and looking at her like she has 3 heads when she asks if he helps out at home with chores (I'm still getting used to chores myself!). Jonah spouts out our Hong Kong address and phone number when the doctor asks him, to which she tells me "Make sure they learn their NEW address and phone, mom." All this time, I am shooting Jack "looks" and just trying to corral all three of them into some sort of order just hoping and praying that they can all maintain some sense of pseudo calmness until the doctor finishes. But then the finishing scene. I saw it as if in slow motion. Jonah stealthily starts ripping exam paper off the table. Maddie Rae catches a glimpse and starts tearing. Jack can't be outdone, so he begins his destruction. The paper gets wadded up, the paper gets thrown, and suddenly the doctor is being pelted from every direction with paper bombs. I am frantic. I am grabbing whatever I can grab. I am scrambling for a kid and an arm. And the beauty of it all? I have to go back there next Monday with Maddie Rae who has been in our family for a year and has yet to see a pediatrician, be weighed, or have one shot. Mother of the Year award to me, friends.


jenny said...

This post had me laughing aloud! Too funny. I can completely relate. To the point that I now either only take one at a time to the dr. or I bring Ben along for when things get crazy. Beckett absolutely hates the dr. right now, so when I had to take him on Monday for bronchitis, I actually made Ben go with me even though my other two were at school. I have left the dr. many times almost in tears and in a profuse sweat. :) Thanks for sharing your humbling appt.

Lisa said...

Oh, Retta! Retta, Retta, Retta....girl! I feel your pain! Ugh!!!! I have been there sooooo many times, with all my kids in the tiny exam room, trying to look like I'm paying attention while also giving the evil eye to whoever is messing around....oh, for the Hong Kong life again. Sigh. Well.....I hope it goes much, MUCH better on Monday!

Looking forward to our lunch date, one day in Centerville!



Raegan must come too. :)