Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Adoption Day, Maddie Rae!

October 30 was Maddie Rae's first adoption day. It was a fun day with lots of celebrating Maddie Rae. We began the day with her Halloween party at the Mom's Day Out she attends with her cousin and BFF Mallaney. I haven't been able to get her into her Halloween costume yet, but Miss Hailey worked her magic at MDO and she wore her ladybug costume with pride.

Maddie Rae and Mallaney modeling their costumes for us. This picture looks quite a bit different from the ones taken last year at this time!
Daddy feeding her wonton soup. Jon is so in love with Maddie Rae, and I'm not sure that he will ever be able to bring himself to actually discipline her! He was always the kind of dad that wanted all boys. He wanted a house filled with testosterone, hunting, football, wrestling, and lots of 7th grade boy smell (that's what I call that "outdoor, wet dog" scent that kids come in with after sweating outside. I coined the term after teaching 7th grade and having to endure an entire hour of that smell times 30 when the kids would come in from outside.) Who knew he would be such a softy for a little girl?! When we first brought her home last year, she was terrified of Jon. She would just scream and scream when he would come in the room, hold her, or look at her. Little by little he won her over, and now you would never know that he was that big scary guy to her.
Cupcakes......and presents. Maddie Rae's adoption day will always be a very special day for me. We will celebrate her birthday because what kid doesn't want a big birthday bash, but to me her adoption day will always be the real celebration. I couldn't help but tear up a little behind my sunglasses today at her little school parade as I saw her confidently march out right next to her cousin and stand in her place with a huge smile. What a stark contrast from the scared little girl that was handed to us last year. She has truly blossomed, and we thank God that he chose us to be her family!


Raegan said...

I am so glad to have such a sweet and spunky niece! We couldn't have picked a better girl for our family! Congratulations!

Carol said...

What a special day, the first anniversary celebration of your becoming a family! In my mind's eye I can visualize eagerly opening up the hotel door in Guangzhou to see you standing there with Maddie Rae and she is in her little "sling" wrapped around you looking at me with that "deer in the headlights" look. You had a bit of that look yourself :) As we all did those first few days with these "strangers" placed in our arms. The beauty of God's love leaves me speechless (just about) . . . love and miss you guys tons!!!!