Maddie Rae Gotcha Day

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The truth about school lunch

I have often wondered why Jack and Jonah come home with half their lunch uneaten most days, or why they are STARVING after school and on the brink of perishing from lack of nourishment (according to them). Yesterday I attended the school Thanksgiving "feast," and now I have a much more accurate view of what's happening to all that lunch food I so lovingly pack every morning.

1. Lunch was served at 10:30 AM for the kindergarteners. That's right folks. Lunch at 10:30.

2. Cafeteria food is just as appetizing now as it was when I was in school, and stuffing molded into a ball from an ice cream scooper does not get eaten by these kids either.

3. The teachers leave the kids under the care of the lunch ladies, who serve the food and dismiss the tables. Everything in between is a free for all.

4. Second grade boys spend more time talking about how hilarious is was that day when Jack's gogurt exploded all over them, singing songs that they've made up, asking what order of best friend's they fall under, and talking about their various scars and injuries than they do eating.

5. Second grade boys also think it's really funny to do things like drink their green bean juice with a straw, eat their ice cream and mash potatoes with their fingers, and decorate their faces with the whip cream from their cake.

6. Kindergarteners think that eating is a show and whoever can do it funniest and loudest is the winner.

7. School cafeterias smell the same no matter what decade, state, or school.

8. Fake burping is really funny. Real burping is downright hilarious.

9. All those fruits and vegetables packed or bought? Yeah, those are goin' straight in the trash.

10. Oh wait, there's a trash can? I just stuff it all back into my lunch box and take it home for good ole mom.


Raegan said...

I can still conjure up the smell of the C.L. Stingley lunch room! I remember carrying my food to the table with the flag, the way everyone clapped when some poor unfortunate dropped their tray on the way to the can, and the "fear" I felt when Mrs. Newman turned off those lights and everyone started shouting "OOOOOOO!" Ah, the good old days!

Lisa Cairney said...

I can so relate, Retta. I actually got a call from school once regarding my son Jack. They said the custodian was pretty upset because "someone" had NOT finished their food and then had walked all the way back to their classroom and put their lunch away, leaving a long trail of juice behind them and a puddle directly under their lunch box. :) We were not too happy with out little "someone". But you know, I still would rather they bring home their lunch than toss it...when they eat hot lunch, who knows what happens, right? Oh wait. Apparently, YOU KNOW! :)

Nancy said...

Nathan goes to have lunch with Carter about twice a month. He says that Carter doesn't eat his food because he sits at the table with all girls and they attack him most of the time. Oh, and they don't usually eat that early. Carter's lunch starts at 11:20 and I've been in there when Jonah's class came in around 11:30 or so. That was just that one special day since there are a lot of parents around. Mrs. Marston and I called it "Thanksgiving Brunch." =) But still, 11:30 is early if you are there until 3:00!